Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Proposed Space for Loading Dock

The designer I had in mind for this space is Phillip K. Smith III. However this space could be inhabited by any other designer/artist. I wanted the design to be flexible for any person who visits.

Both are sketchup renderings of the bedroom and the entrance to the studio space.

For the Studio space I wanted to have the public entrance and a sliding door so that the artist can bring in taller supplies. For the studio space I wanted to give them a place to assemble their designs, I wanted it to be very versatile and open.

For the kitchen I wanted to keep it very simple. The bar can be used as a table, I figured since it is to be a temporary space, the artist would not need to have a full dinning table.

The bedroom is beside the bathroom and kitchen, it is enclosed with transparent panels, I wanted the bedroom to be enclosed without having walls to completely shut it out.

South Elevation

West Elevation

The floor plan is very open can be changed according to the needs of the artist visiting.

East Elevation

North Elevation
The elevations show the ceiling changes, from being lower in the kitchen, then increases by the bedroom then the studio space. This way each space is divided by the ceiling changes.

The materials thought to be used is white oak wood for the furnishings, and wooden beams in the ceiling. Stainless steel would be used for the counter tops. The green color would be used for the bedroom and kitchen area, while the blue would be used for the bathroom. The studio area would have an off-white color.

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