Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sketch Series 5 and 5.5

sketch series 1

This is a study of light zones on the third floor in the Gatewood Arts Building. The orange is daylight recorded at 3pm. As you can tell I was only able to record the studio area. The green is the electrical light that was recorded at 10 pm and every single light was turned on. 

Sketch Series 4: Luminaire

The concept behind this is voxels, a 3 dimensional cube that makes up a space. The environment that this Luminaire would be placed in is a 12'x12'x12' space. The Idea is that the volumetric size of the "luminaire" would fill up the whole space.  However only one of the 144 cubes would actually be highlighted by light. It is to be not only a focal point, but provide a claim environment with it's glow.  Ideally it would be suspended and placed in the center for people to interact with it, visually at least.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sketch series 3

Using a light meter, we as group, measured the lighting levels of the second floor lounge. From there the same levels were connected with a different color for each number that repeated.

 Then the reflectance of each surface was taken.

sketch series 2

-Incandescent lamp, studio work space, task lighting, warm tone
-MR-16, pin up space, spot lighting, warm tone
-Fluorescent, hallway circulation, ambient lighting, warm tone
-LED, pocket lighting, sparkles of light, cool tone

Incandescent lamp has a warm tone of light which suggests an impression of anxiety. The MR-16  is a purposeful lamp which provides direct spotlight and makes it difficult to work underneath.  Fluorescent lighting provides more of ambient lighting, its warm glow provides a visual clarity. The LED which is the cooler color tone shows lower luminance levels by itself, however if it was set up with more than just one of these LED’s  it would create a sense of enchantment. With incandescent lighting does provide harsh lighting and may cause anxiety, however it does a good job at providing enough light to complete different tasks. MR-16, just used to spotlight an area maybe if it was a consistent distance and adjusted to direct the light at the wall it would improve the lighting quality. The LED is just to provide a sparkle of light, if it had more LED it would serve more of a meaningful purpose for the space but for the size that it is and the luminescence that it gives it works fine for little moments of light.