Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Understanding Dialog

For this assignment we had to use the same materials as the previous project, 12 skewers and 4"x6" bristle board, to create two spaces.

At first I wanted to do something with an S-curve, having two identical spaces, a reflection of one another.
Then I simplified that thought, just one line, using the base as my space border line. But the base itself was not defining the two spaces.
Since I couldn't make it work, I complicated it again. Elevating the bristle board planes and curving the middle to separate the spaces.
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Field of Light

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For this assignment we had to create a luminare, using 2 previous materials and a new material, to create a field of light.
At first I wanted to work with metal and wood to create some sort of pattern on the wall and/or floor. Since I had no wood at the current moment, or idea of what form I wanted it to take, I used illustration board and cardboard. I had no idea on what I wanted to do for the field of light. For the object on the left I wanted the light to travel upward and reflect on the metal and bounce onto the wall. If I had more time I would have found a way to use the metal, but since I did not test it in the dark I have no idea if it would have created something.

Then from metal came this weird object, still not focusing on the field of light but on the object itself. The form itself looked like a firefly, it had slits in the middle and the top to allow the light to travel through, it also had openings on the ends to allow the sides to glow. When I tested it out, it was extremely bright and not so interesting. I was told at critique that it was too busy and I should focus on one thing.

Referring back to the cube project we had, I wanted to simplify it and just have a glow for my field of light. I was close to finishing the cube with the square edges, when one of the sides broke. Frustrated I wanted to keep it simple. I thought of a cube, with one slit to create a field of light. Now at this stage the question was, horizontal or vertical?

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I ended up the horizontal slit because I personally liked it more than the vertical one. The cube itself was made of cardboard and glued together.