Sunday, May 2, 2010

process of redesigning the loading dock

So the space I had to redesign was the loading dock. At first I had the intention of having a loft raised about 10ft. Still with the concept of using concrete as the main material throughout the space, even the loft. The furnishings would be out of white oak wood, and would be highly contrasted with the concrete.
The bedroom, or loft would be accessible by stairs. But in order to actually do this, the air vualts would have to be removed.
For the studio space I wanted it to be very open. I wanted the privite entrence to be near the studio, and changing the garage door into windows.

The kitchen would be very simple, but in this perspective I just focused on the eating area which is like a bar, I figured that the artist/designer, would not need a full dinning room, just some place to place their plate at.

At first I wanted the office space to be under the loft and near the bathroom, with a built in table, suspended by wire. The office space would be mostly used to sketchup different designs.

The bathroom I was mostly focused on how the shower was going to be placed, the shower was to be open and just covered by glass brick and tile for part of the wall, the floor would still be concrete.
This is another perspective of the office space.

Another perspective of the kitchen area.

I wanted to change the garage door that was in the loading dock to windows. But then it I wanted it to be slidding door panels to be used as a public entrence. The private entrence would be the wooden doors that were already in the space, near the office space.

For the loft, I played around with different color schemes, since at this stage , the only color I wanted to use was for the bedroom. Something about this whole design still did not convince me.

I choose this precedent image becuse of its vast open studio space.

This precedent image was something I wanted to do, trying to compact all the living space together.
Looking back at my precedent images and some of the begining perspective, I did not like anything about it. At the last moment I ended up changing it.

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