Friday, October 1, 2010

Compass: Foundation Unit

For the compass assignment I decided to to go with a word to describe the unit. The scale that I used was building, in this case the Roman Colosseum. The word that I choose was "Foundation". I personally felt that this word is the best word to describe this unit. I saw the Roman society as the foundation of this modern world in which we inhabit today. They lived with precedents and incorporated them in their structures. The columns stacked one on top of the other is a detail found in the Roman Colosseum, but I saw this as an innovative way in which the Roman's saw their society moving, just like the columns progressing in detail, so was the structure. I put the map of the Italy in the background to show that the Colosseum is a symbol of it. Then the Corinthian capital shows the natural aspect in which it was based on.

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