Sunday, February 5, 2012

Assignment 5

After the visit at Freelon, and listening to a representative from TVS design, it has become clear that both architects and interior designers work together to  design an environment. Taking in what was mentioned, both firms have clarified the misconception of what it is to work for a design firm. It is a team effort, and not just one person telling others what to do. It is a check and balance between both architects and interior designers.
The only difference between both firms is the style of projects, and the main reason for it all is the clientele and the market that they are trying to design for. TVS design, is more upscale, and has a “wow” factor. From what I  gathered from the presentation is that they do a lot of commercial work, mostly in retail design. They take a concept and allow that to drive the design. This method to me seems like it works for them, especially in the line of work that they do. However, as a student, I am still in the process of understanding the idea of having a concept word, or phrase, and allowing that to be the inspiration for my design. 
Freelon also focuses on commercial, but their style is more of a refined, clean-lined work. Their aesthetics seemed detail oriented, not saying that there was no “wow” factor, it was just in a different way. Both firms have different ways of representing their work, and each works well for the market that they are going after. As a student looking forward to working in the real world, I can honestly say that it is all about being able to communicate your idea to other designers. Not only that, but it is a very fast paced environment, and depending on the scale of a project, one would be multi-tasking. I think that, the fast paced environment might be a challenge for that transition from student to worker. 

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