Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Piece of the whole Picture

The whole assignment was to create two moments of light. Each of us choose the window in which we were going to use to create this, and work with classmates around our particular window so that they somehow interacted in someway.

Trying to challenge ourselves we decided to take it upon ourselves to form a big group to create this moment of light that would be overwhelming when looked upon. At first we had no idea what we were going to create. We ended up with a wave type of shape, after crossing out the idea of a jellyfish. The photo above shows the wave at it's simplest form, the concept behind this is that each window would have this form. The cardboard was to be just flat and mounted on the window.

The photo above shows the end result as a whole group. The overall shape of it is two waves overlapping. Each of us had a small piece of this overall picture that captured your eye as you looked upon it. The cardboard was made into three separate panels to cover the whole window and only focus on the light seeping through the bottles. Each of us did something completely different however united by this basic shape.

This is the piece I had, the window behind the column. I used the bigger bottles to then decrease in size and the amount of filtered light.

In order for me to have some relevance to the window beside me, I had to decrease the bottles in the last panel. By just having four bottles in the last panel allowed me to incorporate holes in the panel to resemble the window beside me, which was a descending line from the corner increasing in size by little holes and ending with straws. Not only did it allowed me to unite my window with the one beside me, but it gave me my second moment of light. After mounting the three panels on the window, I would have liked to have incorporated the holes in all three.

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